1. JavaScript is the primary programming language used to build Discord bots. It is a versatile and widely-used language that allows for the creation of complex and feature-rich bots.
  2. The Discord API is an interface that allows developers to access and interact with the various features of the Discord platform, such as servers, channels, and users. By using the API, developers can create bots that can perform a wide range of tasks, such as sending messages, managing roles, and more.
  3. Node.js is a popular runtime environment for building Discord bots. It allows developers to easily install and use packages and libraries that can simplify the development process.
  4. Bot commands are specific phrases or words that users can type in a channel to trigger a specific action or functionality within the bot. For example, a bot might have a command that allows users to check the weather, or another command that allows users to play a game.
  5. Data storage such as databases is necessary for many bots. Bots often need to store and retrieve data, such as user preferences or game progress, and databases are a powerful and efficient way to do this. Some of the popular databases are MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.